Table A

Week 10 Word Arabic Meaning Example sentence in your own words
87 Apparent – adj واضح  clearly  This point is apparent to me.
88 Feature – n ميزة  fascinating  She have a long hair, its feature.
89 Element – n عنصر  component  I need three primary element to make pizza.
90 Emphasis – n تشديد  make strong  This school emphasis in their laws.
91 Volume – n حجم  size  The volume of sound was very high.
92 Institute – n معهد  academy  I will learn music in institute for music.
93 Option – n خيار  chosen  I have two option for movie night.
94 Estate – n ملكية  land  This my estate in Dubai.
95 Liberal – adj متحرر  freed  She liberal from anything in the life.
96 Contact – v اتصال call How i can contact my old friends.
97 Capable – adj قادر على able My father capable to responsible all my family.




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