Quiz 3

) Use the following 6 word pairs to write meaningful and correct sentences. You may change the form of the word if needed. See the example: (12 points – 2 points each)


e.g.: discuss/ examine

We examined the problem and discussed the solutions in details.


  1. individual/ task

This task very easy they can do it by individual.

  1. access / site

You cant access to this site without password.

  1. culture /survey

We will make survey to strange culture in the world.

  1. function/ media

I hope to find function in the media.

  1. complex/ version

I have complex for house alone movie versions.

  1. relevant /source

She have source relevant to new information’s.


  1. B) Write a PARAGRAPH using any of the 5 words from the word list below. (13 points)

You may change the form of the word if needed.


You will be graded on the following bases:


  • Meaning: have you used the correct meaning of the word? (1 point each)
  • Grammar: have you used the word grammatically correctly? (1 point each)
  • Coherence: does the paragraph makes sense as a whole? (3 points overall)


media, access, considerable, relevant, obvious, culture, source

Most people work in the media, if they access to this fumes world, they can get out again. So you should from this people to present culture of their country in good ways. All different countries know to all culture by this person because they have considerable place in the world. Also if you want to be popular you should be obvious.  

Total points:              /25


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