Table A

Week 8 Word Arabic Meaning Example sentence in your own words
63 Commission – n تكليف  trust  I finish three commissions this week.
64 Impact – n تأثير  effect  I impact from movies.
65 Benefit – n فائدة  utility  They have more benefits in fruits.
66 Internal – adj داخلي  indoor  This is internal shop in my country.
67 Credit – n رصيد  entrusting  I use my credit card in shopping.
68 Domestic – adj محلي  local  I support domestic products.
69 Technical – adj تقني  technology  We use a technical devices.
70 Concept – n مفهوم  notion  I don’t understand this concept in math subject.
71 Primary – adj اساسي  main  Water is a primary drinks you should drink.
72 Proportion – n نسبة rate Proportion of my grade be increase.
73 Contrast – n تباين disparity They have a lot of contrast between sun and moon.
74 Factor – n عامل  employee  We have more of factors in our company.




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