Table A

Week 9 Word Arabic Meaning Example sentence in your own words
75 Achieve – v يحقق  get on  I will achieve my goals.
76 Strategy – n تخطيط  planing  I make a perfect strategy to start my business.
77 Sufficient – adj كاف enough She have sufficient skills to do this job.
78 Fund – v دخر  stash  I fund sufficient money to buy new bag.
79 Capacity – n سعة  space I don’t have capacity in my phone’s memory.
80 Mental – adj عقلي  intellectual  I like to play mental games.
81 Whereas – conj  بينما  while  She go to shop whereas i study the exam.
82 Debate – n  مناقشة  discussion  You should to make debate with your friends if you have problems with them.
83 Attitude – n  سلوك  behavior  Respect is a good attitude you should be have.
84 Output – n  انتاج  production  this company have a big output this year.
85 Target – n  هدف  goal  My target in life to be a good women in the world.
86 Conflict – n  صراع  strife  She have conflict with her friend.




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