Week 6 Word Arabic Meaning Example sentence in your own words
41 Considerable – adj  هام  quite a lot of something  its considerable to study before you exam.
42 Physical – adj  مادي  material  all worker need a physical and moral support to doing their job.
43 Individual – adj  فرد  single  its allowed to one individual to access.
44 Site – n  موقع  place  You can find horror books in right site from library.
45 Access – v  دخول  enter  I can’t access to my account.
46 Task – n  مهمة  assessment  I have three tasks in this week.
47 Source – n  نتيجة  result  I waiting for English exam source.
48 Status – n  حالة  mood  I’m in bad status i don’t to do anything.
49 Culture – n  ثقافة  traditional  I like to read about cultures of all country in the world.
50 Civil – adj






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