Week 5 Word Arabic Meaning Example sentence in your own words
31 Normal – adj عادي  natural I cant be in my normal mood if i see animals, Im really scare from them.
32 Income – n دخل  money received  Most of UAE income coming from small business.
33 Scheme – n مخطط  plan  I make new scheme for our trip.
34 Specific – adj محدد  defined  I will use specific plan to do my project.
35 Contract – n عقد  spoken agreement  Next week i will sing contract for new company.
36 Appropriate – adj مناسب  suitable  This is a appropriate color for your dress.
37 Labour – v جهد  work hard  I will use all my labour to finish this work.
38 Couple – n مزدوج  two people or things  I lost my new couple of shoes.
39 Aware – adj مدرك  having knowledge Everyday I aware this life is very good with my family.
40 Economic – adj اقتصادي  relating to economics  In last year the economic of my country was very high.

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