Week 4 Word Arabic Meaning Example sentence in your own words
21 Authority -n  سلطان  sultan  Solyman was authority in ottomans epoch.
22 Despite – adv  بالرغم من  as  I will come to the college despite sick.
23 Series – n  سلسلة  chain This is fumes series restaurants.
24 Issue – v  قضية  problem  We can discuss this issue with us.
25 Chapter – n فصل  section  I read three chapters in this book.
26 Structure – v  بنى  build  They structure this house last year.
27 Theory – n  نظرية  notion  We study this theory in math subject.
28 Legal – adj  قانوني  statutory  The legal age to drive car is 18 years.
29 Approach – n  نهج  path  This is a good approach to save your money.
30 Prime – adj  أولي  first  This is dance prime in the party.



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