Quiz 1

  1. A) Use the following 5 word pairs to write meaningful and correct sentences. You may change the form of the word if needed. See the example: (15 points- 3 points each) 1 point for each work and 1 point for the sentence.


e.g.: discuss/ examine


We examined the problem and discussed the solutions.


  1. inauguration/ attend

My mother attend in restaurants inauguration.

  1. community/ role

I respect my community roles.

  1. policy/ensure

Policy of many companies to give you ensure with their products.

  1. boost/ major

If the police give to my brother boost, they will be major.

  1. data/ research

All of data in this research is correct.

  1. doubt/original

I doubt in this product it’s not original.


  1. B) Write a PARAGRAPH using any 4 of the words from the word list below. (10 points)

You may change the form of the word if needed.


You will be graded on the following:


  • Meaning: have you used the correct meaning of the word? (.5 point each)
  • Grammar: have you used the word grammatically correctly? (.5 point each)
  • Coherence: does the paragraph makes sense as a whole? (2 points overall)


available        ensure       area        research        period        alternative

 I finished to write research about a new product, they will be alternative about Cigarettes. It’s good for smoker to takeoff from smoke and they will be healthy for them. This products is electronic cigarettes and they will be available next month, I’m sure they will take a big area in the world and you will see it in the every market and every ware. Also it’s a good price anyone can buys because the goal from this products it’s to end smoke in this world. Every smokers be sure this electronic cigarettes will help you, it will be hard to you in the begging but you can do it, be sure this is a period and they will finish. Help yourself from slow death!




Total points:              /25


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