Starting my Research Project

ESP CIS/2032

Starting a Research Project

People do research because:

  1. They are bored.
  2. They want to answer a question.
  3. They want to solve a problem.
  4. They want to improve something.
  5. They have a college project.

You start your research with a question to answer, or with a problem to solve.

How can I choose what to do?

  1. This topic is interesting.
  2. This problem must be solved.
  3. We need an answer to this question.
  4. I already know a lot about this topic.
  5. I know I can do better than other people.


Discuss your ideas and write down your research question (thesis question) or topic.


How do you find book in the library?



What do I know about this already? Make some notes.

When I want to find book I can ask librarian, search about number of the book, and look for the written signs.





Ideas where can I find more information:

  1. Ask MS.Heather
  2. Search in the internet.
  3. Ask students.
  4. Watching video.


On your laptop make a new folder. Give it a name: 0232 Research Project.  This is where you can store all your research work.


Make notes of your ideas:

I will search in deferent websites, and I will get more information’s by asking.


Write a reference (say which document and where it is):


Author’s name (date of publication) Title, Publisher, Place of publication

Also note the page number where the information is.


Author name (date of publication) Title of article, Title of magazine/journal, Page numbers of article, Publisher, Place of publication


Gagliano, G How Do Books Get in Libraries? Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Listening file

Tammet, D (Wednesday, February 3, 2016). Find book [online video].


Copy and paste this document to your blog.  Use the title: Starting my Research Project


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