Vocabulary 2

Table A
Week 3 Word Arabic Meaning Example sentence in your own words
11 Area – n  مساحة  space This is a good area to play football.
12 Available – adj  متاح  not busy  I’m available to reading now.
13 Research – v  بحث investigation  I write research about fast food.
14 Policy – n  سياسات  rule  The policy in college exams is bring your ID card.
15 Period – n  فترة  time  I have period for sport in the morning.
16 Process – n  عملية  doing something  the process to make rice is easy
17 Community – n  مجتمع  group of people living in same place  I live in a perfect community
18 Range – n  مدى  domain  My Happiness range its very big.
19 Data – n بيانات  information  This is data for my computer.
20 Role – n  دور part  My role  is student in the college.



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