Task 2

Vocabulary List 1

Copy the vocabulary table below, complete it and post it into your blog.

  Word Arabic Meaning Example sentence in your own words
1 Attend – v   الحضور be present at  The teacher take attend at 9:00 am.
2 Major – adj   رائد significant  The use of drugs is a major problem.
3 Prediction – n   تنبؤ forecast  a prediction that economic growth would resume.
4 Inauguration – n   افتتاح launch  the inauguration of an independent prosecution service.
5 Original – adj   أصلي first  The plaster work is probably original.
6 Boost – v   زيادة lift  A range of measures to boost tourism.
7 Ensure – v   ضمان guarantee  The client must ensure that accurate records are keptز
8 Handle – v   ناور manage  people who handle food
9 Alternative – n   البديل other  The various alternative methods for resolving disputes.
10 Doubt – n   شك uncertainty  they had doubts that they would ever win.



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